Case Studies - Client

Temporary Administrator

Requirement: Administrator – 6 Months Temporary

Outline: The client had an immediate need and a rapid response was required. An extensive review of registered candidates was conducted, alongside accelerated advertising via web and social media of the position and the subsequent screening of new applicants.

Result: We had recently registered a candidate who had not long relocated from West Cumbria who possessed extensive administration experience and who appeared to be a perfect fit for the position. Following screening, the applicant was presented to the company and and a successful placement was made. As a result of exceptional performance in the temporary role, the delighted candidate subsequently secured a permanent contract with the organisation.

Automotive Industry

Requirement: Trainee HR Officer – 12 Months Temporary Maternity Cover

Outline: The client contacted us to request temporary maternity cover for the above HR role. Following discussions with the client, we proceeded to follow our advertising and recruitment process and screened a number of suitably qualified candidates.

Result: We had recently been in communication with a newly qualified HR professional who possessed exemplary qualities but who was struggling to gain HR employment due to a lack of experience. Following screening, the candidate was recommended for interview and was consequently successfully placed in the business. Upon completion of the temporary cover, the candidate proceeded to secure a permanent HR position with another local firm, which wouldn’t have been possible had they not gained this valuable experience.

Specialist Logistics in the Nuclear Sector

Requirement: An experienced Quality Manager with specific experience relating to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001 accreditations and external auditing – Temporary to Permanent.

Outline: The client contacted us in relation to the specialist role above. We researched the role thoroughly and finalised the job description alongside the client in order to get the best result possible and attract candidates who possessed the necessary qualifications and attributes. As well as following our outlined recruitment process, the role was advertised on additional national jobs boards and to talent banks of high-calibre candidates. Our recruitment consultants also actively headhunted key potential candidates.

Result: In this instance, the successful candidate was sourced from our in-house talent pool and was swiftly recruited by the client, filling the role in a remarkable 5 days!

Specialist Engineering Business

Requirement: An experienced Production Manager with a minimum of 2 years in a similar role, ideally in the same industry – Permanent

Outline: This position was required to replace a previous Manager. The role was currently vacant and therefore the need was of the utmost urgency. The NXT team researched the role and our client’s competitors, taking our search further afield than Cumbria. We carefully selected where and how the role was presented and advertised in order to attract the right audience. We also approached suitable candidates and held speculative conversations.

Result: Our successful candidate was working for another Engineering business when approached directly by NXT. Throughout this headhunting process, we maintained contact with both the client and candidate, discussing salary expectations, career development opportunities and ultimately agreeing an appealing package to suit both.
Other roles we have successfully placed for this client include Sales Executives, Design Engineers, Manufacturing Support Technicians, Fabricators and Administrators.

Electronics Business

Rapidly Expanding Electronics Business

As a chosen recruitment partner we have been instrumental in recruiting and building a solid workforce on behalf of a local electronics business undergoing rapid growth.
We were initially approached following a referral from an existing business partner and conducted a full appraisal of the businesses recruitment needs and projected staffing requirements in order to support their growth.

Our first focus was recruiting and growing the sales team which continues to day, however, we have also introduced managerial, procurement, administration and warehouse staff which now account for a significant proportion of their current workforce.
As with all of our clients we take a proactive approach; meeting regularly to discuss current and future needs whist also making them aware of any candidates we feel could add value to their business without necessarily recruiting for a specific roe.

This relationship has continued to be successful due to the level of communication, understanding and ultimately the recruitment service we provide.
We invest a substantial amount of time in ensuring we know as much information as possible in order to find and recruit the right people and this client is a good example of how we can really transform a business through the people we recruit that help drive their success.