Recruitment Process

Whether you are expanding, going through a busy period or simply replacing someone who no longer works for you, recruitment is a fundamental part of running a business and finding good people can be challenging and time consuming. However it doesn’t need to be that way – with the right recruitment partner, enabling someone else to take the strain and use their expertise to deliver results, the recruitment of new staff can be a straightforward and pleasurable process.

Here at NXT, using our years of experience, we have developed a thorough and dedicated recruitment process which is offered to all of our clients.
Whether you are seeking permanent or temporary staff, we can provide you with all of the support listed below:

Job Description Design

  • We can assist you with creating an attractive and persuasive job description and role profile – outlining all of the key elements of the post. We will work together with you to ensure we have a good understanding of the position, including any essential and desirable qualifications, qualities and experience you require. We can also discuss time frames, the most suitable contract and answer any questions or concerns you may have


  • We will advertise the post far and wide via a variety of means:
    • Firstly we will advertise to our in-house database of over 10,000 thousand prospective candidates
    • We will add to our own website and social media channels
    • We will add to national job boards, databases and websites such as Indeed, Total Jobs and CV Library
    • We will promote our organisation and roles we are seeking to fill at a range of events and shows and via our considerable network of contacts
    • We will actively headhunt prospective suitable candidates and approach them directly to discuss whether they may be interested in a role we are seeking to fill
    • We can work with you to agree any additional places you may wish us to conduct our search. If there are any particular specialist networks, places or even specific people you wish to target, please let us know


  • We screen all candidates for suitability. Unlike many other agencies, we don’t just match a job to keywords, skills and experience on a CV. We take the time to meet every single one of our candidates and get a good and clear picture of the type of role they are seeking, the experience and skills they possess, and the nature and personality of the person. In addition we discuss their long-term career goals, what motivates them in the workplace, and the kind of organisation in which they envisage working. All of these things are important when deciding whether a candidate is appropriate for a particular post we are advertising and whether they will be a good fit for the company. This is no quick process and we invest considerable time in meeting with candidates and in training our staff to expertly identify potential role-holders

Background Checks and References

  • All candidates are thoroughly screened and all relevant background checks including references are conducted

Negotiation and Persuasion

  • On occasion you may wish us to act as middle-man and negotiate between yourself and a prospective candidate. This is at times required when we approach a prospective candidate who is currently in employment who we are trying to attract with a move to your business. We can identify the salary level they would be looking to acquire, as well as determining and agreeing the requirements of both parties. We can even assist with agreeing contract terms should you wish to proceed with any appointment. We can support you as much or as little as you desire in this respect. We believe that the quality of our staff and their friendly, authentic and transparent way of conducting business allows us to interact exceptionally well with both clients and candidates, and keeps us one step ahead of the competition.

Selection and Interview

  • Having screened candidates, we will not provide you with a raft of CVs, but rather we will proffer you a select number of candidates we have narrowed down, who we believe are truly suitable for placement in the role and your business. In respect of each candidate we will provide you with a CV, plus a candidate outline description completed by NXT containing information we have gleaned via our screening process. We are also happy to have a meet with you to discuss all candidates we are recommending should you wish. Some clients, particularly when appointing to a short-term role, will not require any further interview with candidates and will base their decision upon our recommendations, however for those who wish to conduct additional interview/s, we can arrange all dates and appointments. The interview process itself can take place at our premises, at your premises, be conducted by you alone, or with our assistance if required. Ultimately the decision as to who you feel best suits your business and who you appoint is yours.


  • We work with both the candidate and client throughout the entire process listed above, and we also constantly monitor our success and results. We invite feedback from all parties and welcome any suggestions or recommendations you may have, and of course, if you would like to leave us a testimonial as to your experience, we would be very grateful!
  • Job adverts
  • Research and referrals
  • In-house databases
  • National databases
  • Social media
  • Networking and contacts

We are “pro-active” in headhunting people who may not otherwise have been considered. Did you know that the majority of people we place with our clients are not actively seeking work at the time we contact them?

In order to recruit effectively, we need to understand the roles we are looking to fill and the people we are considering for them. We do this through meeting our clients and candidates face-to-face and getting to know them.

All candidates are thoroughly screened and all relevant background checks including references are conducted, as you would recruit in house. Ultimately it is you who decides on the person you feel suits your business best and many of our clients choose to conduct their own additional interviews prior to making their decision.

We consider this to be the foundations of any recruitment campaign we do on behalf of our clients and recommend it whatever the job role may be. We can also discuss time frames, the most suitable contract and answer any questions or concerns you may have.