What we offer


NXT offers various recruitment solutions to suit the needs of your business and the nature of the role you are looking to fill. These include: Permanent Staffing Solutions, Short-term Staffing Solutions, and Short-term to Permanent Staffing Solutions.
The thorough and dedicated recruitment process we have developed, is offered to all clients, irrespective of the staffing solution selected. Some clients may not require all elements of the service – if for example they already have a set job description they wish to use, whilst others may require extensive support if they want us to target a particular specialist candidate base, recruit internationally or conduct the entire interview process on their behalf. Either way, we are flexible and will work with the client to provide whatever services are necessary in order meet the ultimate goal of successfully filling the client position. Client satisfaction is our primary concern and the NXT team is committed and dedicated to fulfilling your needs.

The NXT recruitment process can support you in a number of ways. Please click here for a full explanation as to what our particular process involves.

Recruitment solutions we offer include:

Short-term Staffing Solutions

There are many reasons why you may wish to seek a short-term staffing solution, also known as a temporary contract. You may be experiencing a particularly busy period or know that the company workload is due to increase temporarily in the near future. Perhaps you are short staffed due to annual leave or long-term sickness? You can run a short-term contract for as little or for as long as you need, but being able to inform a prospective candidate of how long you will require them, often makes the candidate feel more stable and engaged.
NXT will manage and process all wage payments to the successful candidate on your behalf, freeing up your time and administration, so no need to worry about NIC payments etc – we deal with it all. We will then invoice you at regular intervals. This is a very simple and straightforward process and includes reference checking with the appropriate people and employers.
We will maintain regular contact with both client and candidate, ensuring that everything is running smoothly, that you the client are satisfied with the temporary employee, and that the employee is engaged in the role and has an additional point of support in NXT.

Short-term to Permanent Staffing Solutions

Short-term to Permanent staffing solutions are ideal for when you have an immediate need for someone in a particular position – and you have every intention of making the role permanent, but first you want to see how the candidate works and integrates into the business prior to making any long-term commitment. The duration of the short-term contract is usually 6 months, although this can be discussed and agreed before recruitment commences. As per with Short-term Staffing Solutions, NXT will manage the wage payment process during this initial period, however in the event the role holder becomes a permanent employee, payment responsibility will then pass to the client business. It is also worth noting that unlike most other agencies, NXT do not charge a transfer fee when an employee progresses to Permanent following the completion of 6 months continuous work on a short-term contract.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

When recruiting on a permanent basis, you will have identified that the business has a long-time need for the role you are seeking to fill. We will work with you to ensure that both your business and the candidate are going to be a good long-term match, that the candidate will fit into your current workplace culture and integrate with the rest of your team with a view to progressing their career within your organisation.
In this scenario, you directly employ any successful candidate with a company contract, and will have full responsibility for their payroll.

Alternatively, you may wish to use a combination of the above. You may, for example, have an immediate need, and wish to fill it with a Short term Staffing Solution whist you advertise what will be a permanent role to a wider audience. This is very effective when you have an immediate vacancy you need to fill, but wish to advertise the role more broadly, to candidates who may not be able to take up the role immediately due to extended notice periods for example (3 months is not uncommon). The Permanent selection process can include the holder of the current short-term role, but provides wider scope prior to settling upon the eventual long-term candidate.
We also offer advice and support on continuous recruitment services and future solutions such as Succession Planning. Please click here for more details.