Why NXT?

We are a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with both our clients and candidates.

Based in Cumbria’s capital, we are very familiar and experienced with the local market, understanding the dynamics of the county and the businesses who have chosen Cumbria to establish or grow their business, and the opportunities they present to the local job-seeking community & those looking to relocate to this beautiful area. Home to the Lake District National Park, there’s no better place to work!


People like to work with people they like – and we love our people, so we hope you will too! We believe our team is second to none in the sector, with professional, knowledgeable and personable staff who aim to make your recruitment experience a pleasure. Flexible and approachable, we are always willing to help. Whether you are seeking work or looking for candidates, we will ensure you are taken care of at all times.

Advertising and Sourcing

All vacancies are advertised far and near – on our own website, and via a range of partner websites ensuring we are casting our net wide and making certain our job adverts are seen by as many potential employees as possible.
In addition we have a database of over 10 thousand job seekers: people who have registered with us, who have applied for a post with us, or who are simply open to new opportunities.
We also have a wide range of contacts and we network, speak and present at a variety of events and shows. We are constantly promoting our organisation, its services, our candidates and current vacancies, whilst investing in advertising, marketing and branding.
Finally, and importantly, we actively seek and approach people we feel may be the right fit for a client’s post /organisation (we are always on the lookout for the right candidate!), as well as contacting businesses who are not necessarily seeking staff at that moment, whenever we feel we have a candidate we feel they should meet (with the candidate’s permission of course). During the course of our work, we meet and make contact with many people and are always aiming to facilitate that dream match between employer and employee.

Recruitment Process

All CVs and applications are carefully screened by a member of the team to guarantee a good fit to the role and organisational requirements.
In addition, at NXT, we always take the time to meet with and assess all of the candidates we are considering recommending for interview. It’s vital to get to know both employers and potential employees in order to meet both of their needs and create a strong pairing. As part of the recruitment process, we provide candidates with a clear picture of what the role will involve, identifying key skills and experience relevant to the role for which they are being considered. Only candidates we feel are the right fit for an employer’s requirements – and vice versa – will progress to the next stage. This pre-interview filtering of applicants frees up a business’ valuable time and ensures that only people who are a true potential match for the role and organisation are recommended for interview.


At NXT, we are committed to providing excellent services to the highest possible standard at all times.
We are discreet, professional, thorough and knowledgeable. We will never divulge sensitive or confidential information and will always act in accordance with your requirements. As a team, we thrive on building strong relationships with our clients and will keep you involved and informed throughout the process. We believe strongly in our values which can be found by clicking here.


We have supported hundreds of organisations and applicants throughout Cumbria, with superb results. Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of our mind and is of utmost importance. We are proud to gain repeat work, receive excellent recommendations & testimonials, and have formed many lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.
Enquire now as to how we can support your business and join the NXT family!

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