Common misconceptions about working with a recruitment partner

Candidates often have misconceptions when it comes to registering with a recruitment partner. We’d like to deconstruct these myths to illustrate how everyone can benefit from working with us!

Here are 5 of the most common myths:

We take a percentage of your salary

One of the most common myths that recruitment partners take a percentage of your salary – this isn’t true! If you’re a candidate being placed by us, you’ll be paid the salary you’ve agreed to, without any fees added.

It costs money to register with recruitment partners

Registering with us completely free. If it isn’t free to join a recruitment partner, don’t join them! At NXT, whatever your situation, we can offer you free career advice that can range from reviewing and helping with your CV, providing interview techniques and preparation, to simply discussing your strengths and skills.

Recruiters only have low paid, low skilled jobs

At NXT we have roles that vary across skill, pay level and sector. From entry level roles to senior management positions, there is something for everyone. We can also offer advice on the areas you may want to consider or focus upon, and the types of opportunities that might be available to you.

Recruiters only offer temporary positions

We recruit for temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent positions. We work with some of the best employers in Cumbria, from small family businesses to huge multi-nationals. Each one can offer something different, so whatever you’re searching for, we’re sure to have a range of options for you.

You are put in any role so the recruiter earns their fee quicker

At NXT we like to meet and get to know you, to help us to identify and talk to you about suitable positions based upon your skill set. We aren’t just here to fill vacancies, we do more. We work with you to match you with a workplace culture where you will flourish, rather than simply placing you where your skill set fits the bill.

If you would like to know more about how NXT can support you, get in touch:

[email protected]
01228 812585

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